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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The best nic salt device on the market. It’s simple, clean, convenient.

MOJO next-gen disposable vape pods are the cleaner alternative to cigarettes, and the most convenient way to break the cycle of cigarettes, too—no maintenance needed, EVER.

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MOJO is the next-gen disposable vape pod that flavorfully satisfies that nicotine crave. Just open the box and puff away, then drop it in a recycle bin when you’re done. It’s that simple. No charging | No refilling | No rebuilding | No lighter needed


Unpack MOJO from the box and open the flavor-seal packaging.

Remove the seal

Remove cap on mouthpiece and pull off plastic seal at bottom of device to open the airflow path.


Draw to activate flavor. No buttons of switches to press!

The best nic salt device available anywhere

It’s never too late to break the cycle of cigarettes with to the next-gen disposable vape pod alternative: MOJO. It fits your life … and your lifestyle. See Specs Buy Now